Steven Jensen

Seattle, Washington/Arizona

Steven’s technical wizardry is in a world all its own. Every edit he puts out pushes everyone’s understanding of what is possible on a fixed gear bike. He was the first to bring tailwhips to FGFS and his grind combos are untouched by anyone else. His ‘steeze’ is awed at and often imitated but never ever duplicated!

Ed "Wonka" LaForte

San Jose, California

A proud product of the streets of NYC, now living in and destroying California. His signature huge yet technical style is unmatched. He was the first to really attack handrails on a fixed gear and is still the one doing it the best.

Matt Reyes

San Francisco, California

Also commonly known as Slumworm, Matt has made a name for himself with his diverse style of intricate technicality mixed with boosted and tucked airs and spins. He’s adept behind the bars or behind the mouse churning out slick edits and photos for his blog Wheel Talk Fixed.

Kenny Arimoto


Kenny goes hard and commits, to say the very least. His riding shows that he puts every ounce of himself into his tricks.Part owner of upstart California bike company Destroy bikes, he walks the walk in many different ways.

Matt Montoya


Matt Montoya has been quietly pushing the sport in several directions with every edit he puts out. His bike control and crazy fakie skills put his riding in its own category. His smile is contagious and his riding is inspiring!

Sungwoo "SWOO" Kim

Vancouver, British Colombia

Once an integral part of Toronto’s intimate trick scene, he’s since moved to Vancouver, BC. His great attitude and go-for-it attitude always inspires those around him to push harder.

Charlie Reinagel

Buffalo, New York

Charlie has been repping the YNOT family on the polo courts for years. His freestyle skills are also not to be overlooked but it’s on the court where he shines the brightest. His great attitude and happy vibe make him welcome where ever his travels take him.

Brad Downie


Brad is quiet but capable of so much savagery on the bike! He isn’t as well known as some but his skills are unparalleled in many areas. He’s a down to earth homie that loves life and has a lot of fun.

Andrew Romashyna

Toronto, Ontario

Andrew is a homie of YNOT who goes hard in alleycats and at work on the streets as a messenger. He tests out our Pro-series of courier bags, putting them through their paces on the downtown streets of Toronto.

Dew Sippawit


Every second of footage of him is groundbreaking and he seriously rides hard. He’s always pretty smiley in his edits and his riding is insane, don’t dare miss one of his videos!

Seoul Fixed Gear

South Korea

A strong crew of riders out of Seoul, these guys are rad and go hard. See more of their antics here!

Jonah Kessel